Saturday, October 24, 2009

partcl now passing 4,089 spec tests

With the cleanup of several segfaults in parrot and some recent improvements to ::tcl::mathop, partcl is now passing over 4K of the official 8.5.6 test suite!

That leaves expr.test as the last big source of potentially passing tests that aren't being counted; 347 tests in that file pass before an error due to promotion to bigints causes the file to abort.

Special thanks to moritz for providing CPU cycles for testing.


I've moved the repository from svn hosted at googlecode to git at github.

Thanks to dukeleto at for doing the heavy lifting on the repository migration.

For now, everything else is staying at googlecode, and I have a pointer on the main page to the github repo.

I had been using git-svn for a while to interact with the old svn repo, and while I really loved the git-like features it provided, there were enough annoyances with git-svn that making the full switch makes development easier for me.

Also, it might encourage Matt to commit some fixes. =-)