Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Now passing 3,363 tcl spec tests

Immediately after parrot 1.5.0 was released, many branches were merged back into trunk, which temporarily disrupted our ability to run the spec test suite.

Thanks to NotFound++ on the parrot team, all of these new failures have been resolved, and we're now able to run the spec test suite again!

Since the speed of partcl has improved a little since we started tracking spec test results, and to give future segfaults more of an opportunity to present themselves, we're now running every file in the test suite that runs to completion (even if they're all skipped).

With various advancements, and a lack of (random) segfaults, we're now running more test files and passing more tests than ever:

Previous High: Files 67 Total 5145 Passed 2972 Skipped 1352 Failed 821 Time: 4374s
Current: Files 93 Total 7397 Passed 3363 Skipped 1989 Failed 2045 Time: 6651s

There are still a few segfaults (but these are repeatable) and out of memory errors remaining, and they're on files with a relatively large set of already passing tests; getting those to run to completion will give us another big bump on the numbers.