Thursday, December 18, 2008

Speedups since parrot 0.8.1

I got partcl's trunk working with parrot's trunk again, catching up with some changes in parrot that we couldn't deal with because of segfaults we were seeing.

With the updates, 'make test' now passes again in trunk, and 'make spectest' completes, giving the same results it did against 0.8.1; Here's a snippet from our progress tracker:

"date","revision","parrot revision","files","test","pass","fail","skip","time in seconds"
"2008-11-19 12:51",159,"v0.8.1",57,4001,2341,1059,601,12550
"2008-12-18 12:15",195,"r34059",57,4001,2341,1059,601,9232

So, with no functional changes, we've gone from 3.5 hours to run the tests to 2.6 hours. Which is still terribly slow, but down from horrifically slow.

I've also identified a parrot segfault that is blocking completion of the spec test "expr-old.test"; which would get us at least 254 more passing tests. This particular segfault is also impacting rakudo perl, so hopefully between the two of us we can get a small test case for core parrot developers to resolve the issue.

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