Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not just for developers anymore?

When we moved partcl out of parrot's svn repository, one of the goals was to target a stable version of parrot so that we could work without having things break underneath us. (One of the reasons I'm looking forward to parrot 1.0.); I've ended up turning this requirement sideways a bit: I want a stable version for users of partcl (All 1.2 of you.)

I've now created a "stable" branch of the partcl svn repository that tracks a released version of parrot (currently 0.8.1). The download instructions for partcl now show you how to get a combination of parrot & partcl that work together.

Hopefully after every parrot release, we'll be able to update our stable branch to track it. Unfortunately, due to some issues that cropped up near the end of the 0.8.2 development lifecycle, we missed that release.

I'd definitely be interested in feedback, especially from folks that use tcl on a regular basis.

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